2015 1. Rundtisch-Gespräch Aachen, 01.10.-02.10.2015

Stephan Schennen, Jens Tronicke, Sebastian Wetterich, Niklas Allroggen, Georg Schwamborn, Lutz Schirrmeister: Strukturerkundung von Eiskomplex-Ablagerungen in Nordsibirien mittels 3D GPR

2015 8th International Workshop on Advanced Ground Penetrating Radar IWAGPR 2015. Florence, 07.07.-10.07.2015

Stephan Schennen, Jens Tronicke: GPR to investigate permafrost environments in northern Siberia

2014 15th International Conference on Ground Penetrating Radar GPR 2014. Brussels, 30.06-04.07.2014

Stephan Schennen, Jens Tronicke, Niklas Allroggen: Ground-penetrating radar for detailed imaging of complex permafrost environment

2014 German-Russian Young Researchers Forum, Saint Petersburg, 6-10.07.2014

Sebastian Zubrzycki will present the CarboPerm project during the 4th German-Russian Young Researchers Forum in Saint Petersburg.

The German-Russian Young Researchers Forum is a high-level bilateral initiative originating from the German-Russian Year of Education, Science and Innovation 2011/12. The three previous forums took place in Moscow (2011), Halle/Saale & Berlin (2012), Bonn, Cologne & Jülich (2013), and brought together outstanding young scientists from Russia and Germany.

2014 LED2014, Montréal, 7-11.07.2014

Maggi Fuchs presents her research in Montréal!

From 7th to 11th July there will be the 14th Luminescence and Electron Spin Resonance Dating conference where Maggi will talk about: Potentials and challenges of luminescence techniques in dating permafrost sediments from the Siberian Arctic. Co-Authors are Lutz Schirrmeister, Sebastian Wetterich, Georg Schwamborn.

2014 EUCOP4, Évora, 18-21.07.2014

During the 4th European Conference on Permafrost in Évora (EUCOP4) four CarboPerm scientists have presented first research results.

  • Silke Höfle (DE), Janet Rethemeyer (DE), Stephan John (DE), Dries Roobroeck (BE), Pascal Boeckx (BE), Carsten W. Müller (DE), Gesine Mollenhauer (DE): How stable is organic matter in the active layer of permafrost soil? A case study in the Siberian Arctic.
  • Fanny Kittler (DE), Mathias Goeckede (DE), Martin Heimann (DE): Effect of drainage disturbance on CO2 fluxes from a moist tussock tundra ecosystem.
  • Olga Bobrova (RU), Irina Fedorova (RU), Antonina Chetverova (RU), Tatyana Potapova (RU), Vasiliy Dmitriev (RU), Benjamin Runkle (DE), Anna Morgenstern (DE), Antja Eulenburg (DE): Dissolved organic carbon content estimation in the Lena River delta.
  • Sebastian Zubrzycki (DE), Lars Kutzbach (DE), Anne Morgenstern (DE), Guido Grosse (DE), Eva-Maria Pfeiffer (DE): Organic carbon and nitrogen storages of Yedoma-underlain areas of the Lena River Delta.

Furthermore, there was a CarboPerm project poster, which was presented by attendant CarboPerm scientists.

2013 AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, 9-12.12.2013

Sebastian Zubrzycki et al. present a poster introducing CarboPerm.

Mathias Göckede et al. present first results on carbon cycle processes in Cherskii (a cooperation with Page21).

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